Wellie Wishers

The Wellie Wishers are a group of young elementary age girls who meet and play together at Aunt Miranda's backyard garden.

Motto: The Garden of Friendship Blooms With Good Deeds


Ashlyn is the party planner of the group. She is great at creating fun party themes! Her generous and kind heart always makes sure everyone is happy and having a good time. 


Camille is a caring friend and a good listener. She always knows how to make someone feel loved. She has a love for the ocean and aquatic interests. That must be why she likes to pretend that she is a mermaid!


Emerson loves the spotlight. She loves being on the stage and performing in front of her friends. Emerson writes her own poems and songs and is never shy when there is a dance-a-thon to participate in!


Kendall is an artist and designer. She loves recycling and uses her artistic talent to create things from old and discarded objects. Through her patience and smiles, she has a talent for helping her friends resolve their problems.


Willa is best known as a nature lover. She loves climbing trees and exploring. Willa has a soft spot in her heart for animals. She considers them her friends. Willa hopes to explore the whole wide world!  

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