Meet the Clubhouse Friends!

This is Victoria.
Victoria is the president of the clubhouse! When she isn't hanging out with her BFF's, she enjoys playing outside with her little brother Luke. Victoria's favorite color is pink and her favorite subject in school is art. She never turns down a big bowl of spaghetti for dinner. Her favorite American Girl is Saige. Like Saige, Victoria loves horses and hopes to
                                              become an equestrian.

This is Taylor Nicole. 
Taylor Nicole loves to laugh with her friends and listening to music. Her favorite color is lavender and her favorite food is pizza. She enjoys school, especially computer class. Her favorite American Girl is Maryellen. Like Maryellen, Taylor is determined not to let her disability keep her down!

This is Taya.          
Taya loves karate. Her passion for karate teaches her how to stay focused and disciplined. Her favorite subject in school is math because she loves the challenge of a good arithmetic problem! Her favorite American Girl is Addy. Like Addy, Taya believes hard work makes her a good leader! 

This is Jennifer.
Jennifer loves school and is especially good in the subject of writing. Jennifer loves working in her garden. She is especially good at growing tomatoes and roses. She even uses the tomatoes she grows on her favorite food; tacos! Her favorite American Girl is Felicity. Like Felicity, Jennifer enjoys making her garden beautiful!

This is Colleen. 
Colleen has a love for nature and animals. Her best friends are her two rescue dogs Belle and Ginger. She loves taking them on camping trips. Colleen also loves to study owls. She even collects toy owls! Her favorite color is green and she loves Thai food. Her favorite American Girl is Nicki. Like Nicki, Colleen enjoys caring for animals.

This is Patricia. 
Patricia loves decorating, especially with her favorite color red. Ever since she was a very young girl, her nickname has been Hamburger Patty! Maybe it's because her favorite food is hamburgers. She enjoys geography which is why her favorite American Girl is Grace. Like Grace, Patricia loves Paris, France and baking desserts!

This is Lena.
Lena loves hosting parties for her friends. At her parties she always has an interesting theme. Her favorite color is blue and she loves chocolate! She enjoys the subject of history. Her favorite American Girl is Julie. Like Julie, Lena likes to read Little House on the Prairie series and eat chocolate fondue!

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