Monday, April 10, 2017

Jelly Bean Bracelets

Supplies Needed:
Jelly Beans, Stretch Cord, and a Needle

Step 1: Cut the elastic cording to about 6"- 8″ in length. This length will be too long but it will be easier to string the jelly beans.
Step 2: Tie 3 knots in a row an inch from the bottom of the cording. 
Step 3: Thread the cording through the needle. 
Step 4: Thread the jelly bean through the needle and onto the cording.  
Step 5: Measure the bracelet to the wrist.  When you have enough jelly beans to wrap around the wrist, triple knot the unfinished end and trim off the excess.

Helpful Tips:
1. Younger children will need help from an adult to poke the needle into the jelly bean but they should be able to string the jelly bean on their own. 
2. Use a hard surface, like a tabletop, to help press the needle into the jelly beans.
3. Use a damp paper towel to periodically wipe the jelly bean guts off of the needle so it slides through easier.

Make a big statement by wearing multiple bracelets at one time!

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