Friday, November 5, 2010

American Girl Trivia: Kaya

1.  Kaya's full name was Kaya'aton'my'. What did her name mean? To find out, unscramble the letters?
                                             SEH     HOW     RESARGAN     CORKS

2.  Kaya was a member of which Native American tribe?

a)  Apache
b)  Cherokee
c)  Navajo
d)  Nez Perce

3.  According to Kaya,  her twin brothers are "just the right age for mischief."  How old does Kaya say they are?

a)  three summers old
b)  four winters old
c)  twenty moons old

4.  Who's who?  Match the Kaya characters with their names:

Kaya's twin brother                         Brown Deer and Speaking Rain
Kaya's sisters                                  Fox Tail and Raven
Kaya's parents                                Steps High and Sparks Flying
two boys who bother Kaya             Toe-ta and Esta
Kaya's horse and her foal                Wing Feather and Sparrow  

5.  Kaya's land of white-peaked mountains, broad valleys, and winding rivers is now part of which states?

a)  Washington, Oregon, and Idaho
b)  North Dakota and South Dakota
c)  Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont


1.  She who arranges rocks
2.  Nez Perce
3.  four winters
4.  Kaya's twin brothers- Wing Feather and Sparrow
     Kaya's sisters- Brown Deer and Speaking Rain
     Kaya's parents- Toe-ta and Eetsa
     two boys who bother Kaya- Fox Tail and Raven
     Kaya's horse and her foal- Steps High and Sparks Flying
5.  Wahington, Oregon, and Idaho

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