Wednesday, October 6, 2010

American Girl Trivia: Food, Fun & Games

Throughout history, girls have always been experts at having fun!

If you were having a party and could pick one of these games to play with your guests, which one would you pick?

a) Capture the Flag
b) Jump rope
c) Badminton
d) Field hockey
e) Old Maid

The games below are very similar to the list above, but the names are less familiar.  Which American Girl would have played each game.  Then read on to learn more about how you'd have fun playing with the American Girls!  

a) Color War
b) Double Dutch
c) Battledore and Shuttlecock
d) Shinny
e) Old Maid


a) Molly
b) Addy
c) Felicity
d) Kaya
e) Samantha

For your party game, if you picked...

a, you'd have good times with Molly.  The color War at Camp Gowonagin was an elaborate game of Capture the Flag.  You'd want a lot of girls at your party for this game!

b, Addy would be a good guest to invite!  By listening to rhythm of jump ropes slapping the sidewalk, Addy finally learned to jump Double Dutch. can you?

c, Felicity would fit right in at your party.  The old English game of Battledore and shuttlecock was popular in the American colonies in the1700's

d, Kaya's your girl. Shinny was also played by Indians and Spanish settlers in Josefina's time.  It's still played today on some Indian reservations.

e, you'd want to invite Samantha-and Agnes and Agatha, too!  They played Old Maid with the Admiral at Piney Point.  The game was brand-new back in 1904, and it's still popular today.

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